Bulky - Spot Dyed Colors

Bulky - Spot Dyed Colors

Hand dyed bulky rug weight 100% wool yarn in luscious colors for rug hooking and punching. 3-ply, approx 260 yards per pound. Sold in 4 ounce skeins of approx 65 yards each. Use a #8, #9 or #10 Oxford Punch.

Spot dyed yarns add interest to rugs and are a joy to punch. These yarns are also dry suitable for whipping the edges of hooked rugs.

Spot dyed colors: Inspired by the beauty of Downeast Maine.


  • Bulky - Penobscot Green

    Bulky - Penobscot Green

    A deep blue green with marsh grass and sunlight.

  • Bulky - Deer Isle Granite

    Bulky - Deer Isle Granite

    A medium gray with flecks of pink and tan.

  • Bulky - Northern Lights

    Bulky - Northern Lights

    A dark background with pink and green highlights.

  • Bulky - Acadia Gray

    Bulky - Acadia Gray

    A mottled gray which is perfect for rocks, shadows or stormy skies.

  • Bulky - Harbor Blue

    Bulky - Harbor Blue

    A mix of teal and moss and two blues - great for water.

  • Bulky - Summer Sky

    Bulky - Summer Sky

    Several summery blues with light highlights - perfect for skies.

  • Bulky - Sea Ice

    Bulky - Sea Ice

    A pale coppery green with hints of blue and gray.

  • Bulky - Maple Leaf

    Bulky - Maple Leaf

    An irresistible autumn blend.

  • Bulky - Autumn

    Bulky - Autumn

    Soft golds and reds with olive green.

  • Bulky - Wild Turkey

    Bulky - Wild Turkey

    Dark mottled browns, bronze, and black.

  • Bulky - Bracken

    Bulky - Bracken

    Several dark greens with black overtones.

  • Bulky - Summer Green

    Bulky - Summer Green

    Think summer lawns and new leaves.

  • Bulky - Antique Black

    Bulky - Antique Black

    A favorite background color that makes other colors pop!

  • Bulky - Afternoon Snow

    Bulky - Afternoon Snow

    A very light background with streaks of apricot and pale violet.

  • Bulky - Lupine

    Bulky - Lupine

    Pinks and purples with summer green.